Poetry by N.D

Congratulations! It’s a girl-

Smile creeped to the lips of my mom.

Excited and nervous with a new family member,

They took me home whispering about my better future.


People came to meet me-

I was excited with all new faces,

But then it hit me, their face full of disappointments.

They thought I was a boy,

A boy who will grow up to be strong.

A boy who can face the world.

A boy who is way better than a girl.


Relatives came, not to congratulate-

But to tell that I am going to be a burden.

They said a girl can never take care of her parents,

She came to the world just to be someone else’s.


Nobody looked beyond my gender-

My sexuality was their topic to ponder.

They commented-

Commented on my life as if it was their own-

Told me my life would get harder just because I belong to different gender,

My future was their debate, where everyone-

Were on one side leaving me alone on another,

And my marriage was fixed with one of their new family member.



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