Medical Marijuana by S.P

In today’s society there is so much controversy over Medical Marijuana. I however feel that it is something that can be very helpful in treating patients. When I was younger I felt that any type of drug was bad, but now I actually understand how it can be beneficial. There is evidence from multiple sources that say Medical Marijuana helps their patients. Especially in cases such as cancer. However many states do not have Medical Marijuana legalized, only 23 states in the country have it legalized, making it hard for patients to have access.

Marijuana for thousands of years has been used as a pharmaceutical drug. Today many drugs are used to combat the side effects of cancer. These drugs at many times can be both dangerous and cause even more side effects. Marijuana however has never had a fatal case caused by an overdose. Marijuana compared to other drugs also helps patients with nausea, pain, and other side effects more efficiently than other drugs.

Cancer patients that are subjected to Chemo and radiation treatment suffer from many side effects. Some of the side effects that patients have after treatments include, nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue, and many more. All these side effects make it hard for both the patients and their families. A lot of time, patients lose their appetite and don’t have the energy to get through the day like they used to.

In 2011 a man in Montana gave his son Medical Marijuana behind his doctors back. Even though some believe that this was wrong, his son was recovering. He began to eat again. Eventually he was taken off his his nauseating drugs. The father said that Medical Marijuana was “Not only was it helpful, It was a godsend.” Before he did this he said his son “didn’t even have the will to eat.”

One reason I feel that this is something that should be available for cancer patients is, my grandfather has cancer and I have spent time with him after his treatments. He would be in pain and would not be able to eat. Seeing him that way made me wish that he had something that could make him tolerate his pain. That is why I feel that Medical Marijuana should be legalized in more states.



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