Fear of Being Heard by D.F


Why is it so hard

To express the way you feel

To speak

But not say anything at all.


Why is it so hard

To stand in front of a crowd

To hear the echos of their whispers

When in reality, there’s nothing there at all.


Why does your voice tremble

And your hands shake

Like sand vibrating

Through the middle of an earthquake.


Staring at your bitter reflection

Your world begins to cave in

The room seems a little darker

And your voice begins to fade.


The giggles and the laughter

And the stares that haunt you, for that matter

Are illusions in your head

That follow you all the way to bed


So before turning off the lights

Sing yourself a lullaby

Brace yourself for the morning that comes

When your standing in front of the crowd, that’s yet to come.


You’re entitled to your own opinion

So don’t let the fear of being judged distract you

Speak up, with your head held high

And let what you believe in speak through you.


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