Sheep by S.P.

Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the one in front of them. When one sheep goes somewhere, the rest of the flock goes there. There are too many sheep in the world. Not cute furry mammals, but people who can not formulate their own ideas. Sheeps are followers. “The first duty of a man is to think for himself.” (Jose Marti)

A particularly scary instance was from a video of a man interviewing Trumps fan’s reactions to Hitler quotes. They were led to believe that these were Trump quotes. All the people agreed with the quotes. Their reasoning was that if it’s from Trump it must be correct and sophisticated. They didn’t think twice about the meaning of the quotes. Once they were told who the quote was from they were in disbelief. One man said, “I’d support them if it was from Trump but I don’t support Hitler.”  This is terrifying. People are not thinking independently, but rather assuming the phrase is correct even if they might not have understood.

Sheeps are not the ones to question and further our understanding about life and the universe. The world needs innovative leaders to dispute what we know; to challenge ideas and propose fresh theories.

Cognition is a privilege. Independent thought has crafted humans to be where we are. Independence is our right. Why would we tamp our potential and rely on others initiative?

Being a sheep is easy and thoughtless. They go with the group, agree with the majority, and are easily swayed. Are you a sheep or a leader? Become what you’d rather be.


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