Human Connection by B.R.

Human connection

It’s sweeter than the sweetest sweet at spruce confections

It’s the underlying place we all aim our directions

It’s what acts as the base for democratic elections

It’s hard to find, so when we find it we smother it with protection

It’s genuine and pure, so it doesn’t need an inspection

It’s amazing because it’s the soil that sprouts all affection

And although sometimes we’ll face rejection

There will always be room for resurrection

From misdirection to retrospection,

It all lies around this human connection


But the modern day world

With its smartphones and social media, is like an infection

It’s taken life experiences

And forced them to go through selection

And after the dust settles

There’s nothing real left cause we only aim for perfection

We disregard what’s real

Cause we’re all scared of circumspection

There’s no room left for living

Cause all we care about is future recollection


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