Existence and Legacy by K.M.

We begin, we exist, and then we cease to be. That is all we are. Our journey may be perilous, and our trials may be taxing, but behind the facade of emotion and complexity that is life, that is all we are. We exist, and then we don’t. But there is something else. We may pass through existence as a small blip in the continuum of space and time, but what we leave behind is anything but. As a drop of blood does to water, it spreads. The smallest of changes, the most minor of differences, the world becomes us. Our beings become immersed in the sea of life, the gradual shift in hue from crystal clear to the slightest tint of red.

What do we leave behind? What is our legacy in life? How can we, as miniscule, unimportant beings, actually make a change? It is about the little things. From holding the door for a stranger for an extra second, or forcing out an extra smile at the end of the day for someone who needs it. It’s not much, and yet it is. These are the moments that change us, that make us human. We can go through life with all of its flash and grandeur, but sometimes these are the times that make us feel the most. They impact us in such a great way, it cannot be quantized. The cumulation of these moments is our legacy. This collection of small tidbits, combining into a tsunami of importance and monumental effect, a maelstrom of change. Because that is all we are, a collection of moments. Moments without any rhyme or reason to them, but when combined have the ability to make something great. We are fragments of time pieced together, a messy collection of glass shards hastily glued to a board. But when you step back from the board to take in the agglomeration as a whole, you see the beauty. It comes together to become something greater than the sum of its parts, it becomes you.

And the moments that we experience and use to shape ourselves eventually get passed down back into the world, a never-ending cycle of churning ideals and emotions. They are taken by another person, and the moment becomes theirs. Starting as a minute unimportant instant, it has the potential to grow and grow, becoming a behemoth of change. So, after all is said and done, the junction in the road was caused by something changing, a moment of difference. It is not about what we changed, or how. It is that it did.


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