Victim by A.A.

I’m a victim to a system that disowns me

A system that praises fakeness over greatness

And favors that who does not over that who does

I speak for those who cover themselves

Scared to speak out, blind to the world praying to finally be able to see

I wish I could just be me

Not afraid of those who hide themselves, mask their faces

While the rest of us are creating illusions of better places that are just for us

No herding, burning, or murdering of the souls that we cling to

A place with no walls or chains to bind us to our institutions

A place that no longer keeps us from absolution

Just a place for you, and for me


Why does everyone have to be great?

Some leader of men, a Victoria or a Caesar

Some kind of appeaser, made for delicate work like tweezers

But what if you’re not… great that is

You aren’t brave, or strong, or fast

You haven’t made anything that’s built to last

You’re lost, drifting through space

Looking for that place that makes you or breaks you

That place that makes you great, the place that grounds you

But what if you’re lost and no one has found you

Can you not stay lost, content with the wandering

The endless dreaming, believing, and repeating the cycle that we all know

Can you not just get lost in the rhythm and the flow

Of the rivers that bind the earth

That hold us together those ties that keep us from making life not such an endeavor

Why not just let you be you

And not let anyone keep your mind trapped in a box

Open it, show it, and never close it because you will always be beautiful as you

So why does everyone have to be great?

Don’t take the bait, just leave yourself untied from your chains

And instead of trying to control the weather, why not just let it rain?


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