Up by C.C.

As I float higher and higher I see the whole race

All the mountains – the cities- the people,

I’m in space.

I must be for now I am sure

I have never been anywhere quite like this before


Look! As I fly higher the air becomes clear

Not a care in the world, my worries far away from here

But when I look down there is something new to see

The world below becoming a foreign concept to me


A well oiled machine is grumbling and shaking

never giving  as much as its taking

People are happy or so they say

Yet nothing new ever happens with their day

A pattern is set, the rules are followed

Day by day until slowly, our brains become hollowed.


An ocean of people working together below

Yet where they are going I will never know

It’s the ultimate battle, a fight to win the race

Waves of people running, forever stuck in place

Not a shadow of doubt that an end is in sight

Running through a dark room, constantly searching for light


But as the story moves on, our end becomes near

Time to  and put away our worries, step back from the fear

Please fasten your seatbelts, put up your trays

For we are almost here, done for the day

Watch the worries flood back our hour is though

And As we sink back into the trees, I ask only one thing of you


Look down on eachother as if, you are in space

Our problems smaller, the world a bit easier to face

With feet on the ground, your future is new

But please, always keep the altitude with you


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