The modern day problem by T.W.

Aliteracy is the lack of reading habit in in capable readers. This is becoming a problem in our modern age.  One third of the people that graduate high school will never read another book again. This is mainly speaking towards the college students. A majority of students in college will do the least amount of reading they can to get the “A”. Yes that is still a lot of reading to be done but how much of that is reading a book. Text books have been proven to not challenge your mind as much as books. When reading a text book there is a lot of material that needs to be learned and it is difficult for all the knowledge to sink in. But a book not only makes understand what is going on, you also have to fill in the blanks and you start to anticipate what is going to happen next. That is what textbooks lack compared to books.

Closed lids states that over 90 million students over the age of 16 lack essential reading and writing skills. Nowadays with everyone is getting the salary jobs and are unable to to do there best job because they are lacking knowledge. Some company like ford are sending the workers to classes to help them have the skills they need to do there job as best work they can. One example is when a worker is trying to explain to his boss why the company didn’t meet it goal for the quarter. Most bosses are very busy so they would ask the worker to send them a email of what happened. If you are not fully capable you may get your boss confused and if he thinks you are at fault you could lose your job. The best way to learn how to communicate is reading more often. It is proven that the more often you read the better writer you will be.

Some would say that they have been reading more because social media. Such as reading cool articles, reading their friends posts and etcetera. But is it really reading? The answer is yes. But is doesn’t challenge your brain like reading a book does. When reading these shorts article or posts it it keeping your attention for short periods of time. After you read it you are done with it and you know all you need to know. With a book it is holding your attention for long periods of time. Once you put the book down you will come back  and have to recall what was happening.  But to answer the question yes reading others posts and short articles challenge your brain just not nearly as much as a long term read, such as a book.

The main problem is that there is no way to fix this problem. If someone is aliterate it is a choice, and as humans we have the right to choose what we do and don’t do. So all we can do is tell people the pros of reading and the cons of not and it is up to them from that point on.


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