The Drum by P.C.


Shabalow ba-DA BOW!

dut dut dut bow badalow boomba-de ba do chow!

Shabala bow splang splang-a-lang be de dum dum pow!

The drum is the most important instrument

Every construction has a solid foundation

And to converse between cultures, across nations

To communicate, relate and make rhythmic creations

The drum is the central station of this network of narration

The first panacea without medication

Can cure the ills of humanity stemming from hate

And bring to it’s listeners a rhythmic salvation

The bang of the drum

The crash of the cymbals and gongs

The click of the sticks

The thud of the toms, like bombs

Impactful and tactful in the hands of the bands

And the fluent professionals

Whose success is a blessing

To express to the people

And address the effect of the language

And the need of music to live

Without a beat;

The feet don’t know where to tap

The head doesn’t know when to bob

And the hands don’t know where to clap

The heart doesn’t know when to throb

And the rappers aren’t able to rap

Hands, brushes or sticks

Like masons, they lay down beats like bricks

And the deeper the pocket the smoother the licks

And the smoother the licks, the more fluent the speaker

And fluency must be in the hands of the teachers

The preachers of rhythms, grooves and the beats

Can live in their mansions or out on the streets

But when the tempo is set

And the music is moving

The drummer is driving and playing and grooving

And banging and clanging and hitting and tapping

And people are clapping or cheering or rapping

And the sun will come up to the beat of the drums

And beaten back down when the starry night comes

And all through the night the drums will be playing

And until the end of all time the drums will be staying

The drums are the most important instrument



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