The Backstory of Honey Nut Cheerios by S.G.

Have you ever wondered what buzzes in the sky?
That sound you hear whenever you pass by.

The honey you buy from inside the store,

that strong, sweet smell when you walk in the door.

How does it get there? How do we know?

How do we find that fresh honey flow?

It comes from the bees floating in the air,

or in their nest, a tad smaller than a bear.

They buzz and they move all over town,

to make up the honey that’s always around.

However this one bee out of millions a ton,

decided his honey making business was done.

So he packed up his suitcase, and fleeded his shack,

and began his career without turning back.

The little bee was scared, he didn’t understand

how to be alone in the world like a little grain of sand.

He went off to find a job, house and a car

to take him to places weather near or far.

He worked and he lived alone until spring,

when he met another bee and bought her a ring.

One day he was working all alone in the store

When a human came in and spotted the bee on the floor.

The bee was in shock didn’t know what to say,

He just stood there like a statue, blocking the way.

Eventually the bee flew up to his eye,

and asked the human why he stopped by.

The human took a breath and started to say,

He needed some milk, to move on with his day.

The bee said follow me and started to fly,

to show the human the milk he could buy.

The human kept thinking, he looked so confused,

but for some reason, the bee was amused.

Eventually the human gained control of his mind,

He sat next to the bee, and started to unwind.

The human said to the bee, I found you at last,

Dreaming about the future, forgetting the past.

The human asked the bee to come work for him,

to be rich and famous, and have an assistant named Tim.

The bee jumped up, excited to see

For once he was more, than a silly old bee.

He packed up his things, got his wife and his car,

And began his new life as the Cheerios star!

You may see him on boxes, on shelves in stores

the first thing you see when you walk in the doors.

Next time you see the Cheerios can,

You’ll know how the bees career began.

Let this be a lesson to you and for all,

Never think you can’t because you are small


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