Spoken Word Poetry by N.F.

The world has become too soft

Rules constantly being made to keep people “”safe”

From sports to school to life at home

People take offense at every little thing

We can’t solve a problem with a small little fight

That’ll lead to suspension and a long long night

No contact in sports no we can’t get hurt

We can’t speak our mind without offending someone

Opinions make you mean and come off as a jerk

It is unreal the things that make people hurt

Hearing the truth is too hard to take in

What is the point of lying to them

We as people need to take a step back

Look at the world ten years ago

People dealt with their issues without offense

They could speak their mind freely knowing that they wouldn’t get in trouble

They could do what they want without having to worry

I’m not saying we should all be mean

But we need to all have some tougher skin

Respect others opinions and take the truth

Say it how it is and now how it should be

Maybe then we will take less offense.


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