Spoken Word Poetry by C.T.

As children the world is so black and white. Running through life blind and naive. Everyone is a friend and there are no enemies. Boys and girls are equals on the playground and everyone is on everyone’s team. The biggest problem you face is what present you want to open first on your birthday. Time moves so fast yet everyday feels like its own year. When you’re six and a half not just six and every second counts towards your next birthday until the next minute when you’re older and can take on more responsibility, until you reach it. Then you’re just 16 and you dread the responsibility that comes with each passing day. The world is now a burst of too many colors you don’t know all the names to and you’re still running blind. You’re eyes have been opened to so many things you can’t comprehend all at once and you’re neutral about everything. When everyone is an enemy disguised as a friend and true friends come in small numbers. When the way you dress and the people you hang out with define who you are and you’re caught in a web between who you want to be and who everyone else wants you to be. When you become a follower and go along with the crowd because you’re too scared to become your own person. When you’re stuck in a society where everyone must live up to a certain standard or they’re labeled weird, queer, stupid, slut. When you grow up learning the lessons to just to say no, don’t talk to strangers, don’t drink and drive and society encourages them so they must be true. Yet somehow when you’re stuck in those positions you’re pressured to do the opposite. To never say no and always “do it or are you too scared”, to talk to strangers who approach you because it makes you feel wanted, to get in the car and drive because it’s only a few blocks and you’re the most sober out of the group. When you live in a place that teaches you one thing, yet allows another.



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