Spoken Word Poem by J.F.

I was not born rich

I never went to Disneyland

I never went on a road trip

I never had a tree house

I never had the latest gaming console or the newest phone


I was raised poor

When I finally went on vacation, I ate beans and tortillas every day, and slept on a small mattress because I didn’t want my abuelita sleeping on the floor

I was never given an allowance

My friends and family is all I needed to be happy

I have been happy my whole life

Writer’s Memo: Intended gerne: Poem, Informative. What went well was that I was able to write a poem because I suck at writing poems. What went wrong was that, since I suck at writing poems it is a little short I’ll add in the future.a I want to know what people think about it, good or bad.


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