School by J.A.

School why is it so restricting, I understand that they must keep the students safe and keeping it a good learning environment.  But people have necessities we as people are not all the same so don’t look at anyone different. We all have our ways to do good and to keep moving up in life. This is why I feel very offended by how they take care of things. I see students wearing drug related shirts and teachers passing right by them. But when I use a plant associated shirt i’m pulled out of class and get told that they are wanting to suspend me for using it.  They single me out they only care for what I do because of what they know of me.  The school has doubted me, I felt pushed down when they would tell me will I even graduate.  I just said “sure I will just please don’t get all in my face about it”.

I’ve now matured school hasn’t, I now “just do me”, I dont speak to teachers how I used to. My trust with teachers is gone ever since I got told on I haven’t been able to keep it real with anyone. I have trust issues that won’t change until i’m out of this school, they won’t change much when i’m out of school either because like said and done “dont trust those who are close to you” i’m in no need of depending on anyone else but me.  Teachers are always asking me what I did or what I’m going to do when I leave school on my off period or simply when i’m just talking to another person.  I know the school is against me because of what they try to do. They now see me as a bad influence but resist to say it to stay on my good side, that does not work with me anymore I took my steps and i’m still taking them. I’m struggling with a lot but prefer not to talk about it because I no longer accept help from anyone other than me and my 4 friends. They are being watched by school harshly like how I am.   I’m the same person the teachers once knew when they didn’t know I smoked. Now they see me as something different but I’m still doing me and doing me is all I know.  

I write songs and in one of my songs I said “Fairview says im addicted because i’ve got some Dope”. Expressing myself in this way helps me get away from the school socialization and keeps me out of trouble, dealing with the social life, dealing with others who try to get into my life.  I’m that kind of person who will not open up to anyone anymore because I dont need everyone on top of me telling me what to do and what’s right from wrong.  

I’m the type of person who was a social person talked to everyone was not a problem starter. I was respectable to all teachers and all students.  I’m a respectable guy all I wanted was  to see everyone smile.  I was an on going person and now ive changed personality when i’m around school because being you around school is no longer safe.

I’m assigned to go to classes that I have to pay 500 dollars for 4 classes.  every Wednesday at 6:30 till 8:30  I do not know how the school is trying to help me with this.  Much time taken out of my day and I have to pay for something that I didn’t get myself into.  I was snitch on and now I’m stuck with a bill that someone Fucking got me into. These classes are private and i’m allowed to say anything but I can’t trust another person’s words.  It’s the school that sent me here and for all i know they can be taking information from me and using it to bust me again.  Lastly I just want to say i’m a successful stoner, that’s what these teachers do not see here.  I own half a business with my dad I will soon inherit that Dealership and I’ll have mine and my dad’s business running when he is ready to quit.  I just want to point out that i’m still doing what i have to do but in my own ways now.  Just want to end it off by saying i’m still the same person but I have a different overview over me because of that I did.


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