PSA Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican food by E.C.

Some people in this world think that Taco Bell is real Mexican food. Well let me tell you it’s not. If you actually think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food then you have never eaten real Mexican food (Basically you haven’t lived). Most of what is on Taco Bell’s menu you won’t find in mexico. They also come up with the most absurd new taco or wrap like their new Quesalupa or their waffle taco. You might be wondering wow how does this girl with a white last name know about authentic Mexican food? Well don’t let my last name fool you because I’m 100% Mexican and I’ve grown up in the culture. So without further due let me tell you why Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican food.


When you order a taco it comes in a hard taco shell. Inside the hard taco shell is ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and tomatoes. In Mexico you will not be able to find hard shell tacos anywhere, they use small corn tortilla which is soft. Taco bell likes to throw a lot of sour cream on almost everything, which wouldn’t be on any taco or traditional dish made in Mexico. Crema Fresca Casera that might get used on tacos in Mexico looks like sour cream but it taste completely different and has a different texture. The cheese they use is mild cheddar instead of Oaxaca. A lot of lettuce gets put into a taco at Taco Bell which is okay but usually peppers, cilantro, and onion is what goes into an authentic taco. Meat is one of the biggest part of the taco. Usually diced or pulled meat is what a real taco is filled with but they use ground beef which is really greasy.
There is so much more to the Mexican cuisine than just different types of tacos. Honestly if you are trying to eat some authentic Mexican food I would recommend only three restaurants in Colorado. The first one is La Panda in Longmont the next one would be any small taco trucks on Colfax and the last one is my house.


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