Death by M.T.

Let’s talk about death

No one wants to, no one does

We all shove it far away in the back of our minds

Until it punches us square in the face and knocks us down

People always say,

“I never saw it coming”

“I could never have prepared for this”

“One day she was there and the next she was gone”

“We just don’t talk about death in this family”

Has no one figured it out?

That our way IS NOT WORKING?

I am sick of this feeling

This feeling that I can’t control the process of death.

We all pass away

This is not a new thing in the world

Yet time and time again

It comes as a surprise

Sometimes I think,

What if I die tomorrow?

Because as ridiculous as that sounds

It’s just as likely to happen to me as the next guy

Three deaths in less than 6 months

All of the sudden, unexpected.

Three people too young to die

Is that not enough proof that it could happen to any of us?

One of us might have a heart attack in our sleep

Or crash a car driving back from a day skiing

Hit our head while skating on ice

I know this because it happened.

To actual people.

Incredible people with long lives ahead of them,

Just gone for no reason.

I don’t fucking get it

But at this point why am I surprised?

Shouldn’t I have that understanding by now?

Human life is a lot more fragile than we think it is

With medicine and money you’ll feel invincible

But in the blink of an eye it can happen to you.

I think I’ve learned one thing at least:

I have learned to Live in a way that if I die tomorrow,

My loved ones will be proud of the life that I lived

To do things that are worth celebrating once I’m gone

To spend my time on this earth with actions that people will share with others,

When I’m not there to tell those stories myself.

To love the people that I share this life with

My time here with the ones I love is more valuable than anything

To remember that they could be gone tomorrow, just like me

To love them when they aren’t there too

I have learned love endlessly

Because love has no boundaries

It transcends time, distance, and conflict

Love is stronger than death.

It has no end

This poem began with death

But as I write, it is ending with love

Death is about love.


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