Being Wrong R.H.

Being wrong is not the problem so much as not accepting being wrong. Not accepting truth simply because someone else’s ideas different than ours causes us to go through three steps which keep us from expanding ideas. Not accepting others ideas  because they are not our own limits us as individuals and as a society which  is a large social issue.

The first of the three steps when faced with an idea different from your own is to assume ignorance. This is completely pushing the idea aside thinking that they must not have the same information as you do so they can’t even begin to come to the right conclusion.   

The second step once finding out that the first is not true and that they do indeed have the same information as you do is to declare them idiots. Given the same information as you they must be idiots to have not come to the same conclusion.

The third and final step once all else fails and you have found that they are actually smart is to call them evil. This is the last step in closing the door to this new idea.
The problem is not being wrong, the problem is not discovering the wonder outside of our own beliefs and ideas. Great minds can think differently and this collaboration is what these natural three steps don’t allow. Being wrong is looked down upon by our society and that is a large social issue.


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