Wresting, D.B.

Dan Gable said “once you’ve wrestled everything in life is easy.” This quote directly impacted me for four long years of high school. Ever since I was able to go to school I have been wrestling. It is as big a part of me and my identity that I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without it. I have first hand witnessed it change someone’s life. A good friend of mine would always talk shit about wrestling and make fun of me for doing it so I challenged him to come to one practice and see if he was man enough for it. He accepted and came with me to one of my practices where I through him around for two straight hours until he quit of embarrassment. I knew that would shut him up from then on about the sport, but I never would have thought that the next day I’d see him walk his happy little ass back into that room and challenge me again. For the next year I beat him senselessly everyday at practice. Little did I realize but in doing so, both our skills began to flourish into something much better. When we got into high school we both made the varsity team and competed very well at that level. In the years to come he and I continued to train together and then both qualified for the state tournament. It’s amazing to look back and see how much it changed his life.

He was always a decent football player but once he started wrestling his skills intensified. He was hitting harder, running faster, making quicker moves and all around had a better understanding and mindset for the game. He now is 6 3 and weighs 230 pounds and is going to play Division 1 football next year. It just goes to show how accurate that quote is, once he started wrestling his work drive, skills, and attitude all strengthened. For myself when ever I begin to get down on myself and get lazy I simply look back to all those horrible practices where my nose was bleeding everywhere, my head was hurting, and my body was screaming to stop. But I didn’t stop, I kept pushing through the pain and misery and told myself it will all pay off. In those times where I’m being lazy I look back to the hard practices and tell  myself, is this paper really that hard to type? You’ve done so much harder shit in your life. This is what is going to bring you down? After looking back on my time wrestling I always push through whatever is slowing me down. Wrestling has taught me over the years that everything that is painful is just a mindset. If you have a weak mindset you have to train it, just like an athlete has to train his or hers body. You only get what you put in. If you put in junk and laziness you won’t ever have a strong work drive, but if you train yourself to always give 100% with everything you do everything in life becomes easy.


Writer’s Memo:

In this piece I was trying to accomplish telling a story about how much wrestling has affected my life. I used a story from my childhood that carried over into adulthood. I struggled with doing this essay on time. This piece is an informative and narrative essay.


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