What is Justice? E.S

In current day society it feels as if there is a very clear line of what is wrong and what is to be considered correct. The ones who gain favor of the majority are the individuals who eventually get the privilege to determine what is said to “right”, while the the remaining portion, no matter the reasoning, is said to be wrong. The side that contains the most people that have come to a point agreance is in the end the ultimate decision of what is to be said to in the correct point of view. With the world in a system that works this way can justice be clearly observed by the entirety of a population? I believe the answer is no. I only say this due to my personal experience, and how I have seen the truth become so quickly obscured and altered. Within my presence on this world I have seen people mask their opinions and the true value or morality for personal pleasure, wealth, and well being. The truth, and justice, can easily be distorted by lies and misconception. Different points of view can also mean different aspects of justice. Something that someone may consider justice in their mind, may represent hate and anger within another. Justice will never see light, unless the majority of a population comes to terms with the opinion  or claim.

With the way our current society connects, and considered right and wrong, there many situations that will never have the opportunity to determine true justice.  In fact, the ones who are in need of justice the most may be denied to a lower level of justice than anyone else. An example of this can be a convict who has had an extremely hard time getting through his/ her life. Even though the lifestyle of such an individual was due to parenting issues, poverty, or domestic abuse in the family, the individual still ends up suffering more while inside a jail cell. Is it justice that, even though the events of illegal activities occur, that this lesser fortunate person ended up in imprisonment. In a scenario like this justice is never truly shown. Someone who is simply in need of a small social interaction, or just needs a job, is forced to endure such unjustified events. If their was simply a helping hand that resided somewhere close, the individual could truly experience a more justifiable world. But instead, the less fortunate must endure even hard obstacles, furthering their suffering and pushing them further into oblivion. In a system involving a prison setting, which our country offers, it can only set certain people up for failure. Some individuals are never given the chance of true justice.

     In my understanding, and experiences, someone who has been set up with a poor family household, has any sort of parental disturbance, or abuse issues is setup to fail in the system which has been provided for us. It’s clear that people with these certain issues are easily targeted for what they are doing, but it’s clear to me that the system is causing more unjust than there would be without it.  In knowing this, can justice truly exist?


Writer’s memo

       In writing this piece I tried to explain my feeling on what justice is, specifically in a setting of poverty related issues and how the prison system is often not based off of justice or any related value. I personally like the voice of the piece and how I expressed my feelings. I think that the confidant place that I took to represent in the piece would effectively get my point across. A large inspiration for the piece was “A Place to Sand”, because of the thoughts of injustice which it managed to transfer onto me. Many of the issues that Jimmy faces in the book can be seen in within, and I transparently combine Jimmy’s life problems into the writing. I enjoyed creating this price of writing, and truly believe that my point of view is valid.


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