The Distorted American Dream, C.L.

The Great Gatsby epitomizes the concept of the American dream, and emphasizses the bitter morals and values of the upper class in the early twenties. Fitzgerald, the author, proves that  the people who were born into money are selfish liars. For example Daisy and Tom- a couple who lived off of “old money” and had a home in the West Egg. They -didn’t hesitate to cheat, steal, or withhold to benefit themselves.They People like this strived for money and power. Gatsby proved to everyone in New York and Connecticut, specifically the West Egg, that he had the ability to could achieve the goals that they all strived to fulfill. Yet he Gatsby still was never fully satisfied. He did not achieve his greatest goal of having Daisy which he longed to call his own., his first love, all to himself.

Gatsby’s summer night parties were spectacular. , there were Hhhundredsundreds of people arrived wearing elegant dresses and handsome tuxedos. Boozes of wide variety uplifted the guests spirits and by the end of the night, the guestspeople were either hysterically laughing or blubbering their sorrows away. It was a magical andsight to see, yet Gatsby rarely revealed himself to his hundreds of guests. This, which symbolized his lack of care about his social reality, In fact Gatsby didn’t know the majority of his guests where as Daisy. On the other hand, Daisy cared greatly about her status. Allegations Rumors about Gatsby’s past floated around his house, people often accused Gatsby of having once murdered a man. killing a man. The East Coast corrupted the beautiful idea of the American dream.

At the end of Gatsby’s dock he could see a green light across the lake where Daisy lived, this light signified possibilities, hopes, and dreams. The color green constantly came up throughout the book- asso did yellow. Green represented life and yellow represented death. Gatsby rarely would stop and appreciate what he had, he was greedy for morealways wanted more. Afterall, he did Eeverything he did was in hopes of one day luring over Daisy and starting a life with her. Little did Gatsby know that Daisy and him came from were two completely different worldscreatures and had developed with completely different values.

Daisy had grown up expecting to be a submissive woman and a fool. Tom, her husband, took on the roll of most men with money in the twenties. 1920s. He had several affairs, tons of money, and a wife who would not stand up for herself. Tom and Daisy were like most couples in the twenties and eEven though Daisy was in love with Gatsby she was too sold on her life and scared of society conformed to ever leave her husband and baby girl for Gatsby. When Daisy finally got the chance to leave her husband and take on the rest of her life with her first love she declines the opportunity in fear of losing respect from her peers and being looked down upon. After everythingall the time and money Gatsby waisted to spend the rest of his life with Daisy, he saw it all slipping out of his control.

The idea of the American dream did not achieve its so called greatness in Gatsby’s life. After Myrtle Wilson was murdered by Daisy, all hell broke loose. Daisy took no time to consider Gatsby’s well being or reputation, she let him get pinned for the murder, affairs, and theft. The concept of the American dream and Daisy died when Gatsby was murdered. Both Daisy and the American dream were glamorized and failed to prove their worthiness to Gatsby and Nick. In the end Nick ended up petrified, Gatsby ended up dead, and Daisy and Tom ended up without a single scratch to their names or precious reputations. Dreams perished and most people moved on. Money took over the once magnificent concept of happiness and hard work.


Writer’s Memo:

This argumentative peace was based on the idea of the American dream in The Great Gatsby and clarified the symbolism of colors, people, locations, and money. My inspiration came from the book and the movie, I noticed that a lot of the small details from the book came to life in the movie. I had a hard time with making connections of the colors to the deeper meaning in the text, but once I figured it out it made a lot of sense. It was like solving a puzzle in my mind. There were obvious connections between Daisy and the American dream, they drew a lot of parallels from cover to cover. If I choose to revise this draft I want to add in some current events to support my claims.


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