Terrorism By D.R

Blood, war, lives lost

We are fighting something we can’t control

We are fighting someone we can’t control

Yet the fight goes on

We refuse to let this country give up

We lose our soldiers to a cause we have been fighting for too long

Too long for us to stop now

We fight, shot, and bomb the enemy

Yet the enemy is everywhere

It’s here in our country

Wait for us to break

So they can take away the country we love the most

They want the power we have

They want the lives we have

Because it is something they can never have

Something that we think they don’t deserve

But who are we to decide what people deserve

Somehow this threat has continued for years

From 9/11 to the latest ISIS attack

We live in fear of what will happen next

Hundreds of thousands lives lost to a cause we can’t stop

Soldiers, Mothers, Fathers, Children,

All meaningless loses we face everyday

In the war against terror.

But when will it end?

The lose, the fear, the hatred, the rage, the control

Things that use to never matter in the world

What are we fighting for?

The chance to not be afraid anymore

But what if that changes the second we stop being afraid?

What if the war never ends?



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