Reading Vs. Reality, J.P.

There are so many emotions that have been going on a rampage inside me. Nothing seems to stop them from doing damage inside. There is, however something that will allow me to get away from them for a while. Reading transports you to a whole new world. With different problems, different life, new ways of thinking, and a way to forget what’s going on in reality.

Reading is important in my life at the moment. I think if I had never read anything these past weeks I would be still at home crying my eyes out. The thing is, I don’t know what got me to read during my rampaging emotions. I just picked up a book to see if it would get my mind off the problem or just to get away from it. I just finished a book called The Emerald Atlas: The Black Reckoning. It transported me to the very place that these characters lived, slept, breathed, ate, and had an adventure in. It almost felt like I was the main character and no longer had the rampaging emotions inside me. I knew exactly what emotion I was feeling when I read the book because it told or described it to me. In reality I have so many at once it is hard to tell what I’m feeling, or if I am even feeling at all. This was what got me out of the hole I dug. It was my ladder in my time of need. The book was my life preserver when I was drowning in the deep end of life. The more I read the book the more the life preserver pulled me away from the deep end.

I know that this can be considered running away from the problem but to tell you the truth I want to run away and get stronger before I go back to reality. I can learn from the books I read about how the characters deal with death or other problems. I can then take that from them and apply it to my life in reality. It’s a coping measure. Anyone who feels down or sad about something that happened in life can read to get away and learn. I feel better now that I have read the book. What I learned in this book is the way the main character dealt with an impossible situation that was blocking her path. She got over it with the help of her friends and she’s stronger than when she was at the beginning of the book. Now that I have learned this I’m with my friends more. I didn’t want to be around them because it just reminded me of the fun times we spent together, including the one that passed. I couldn’t bare it. I didn’t want to go places with them, I didn’t want to talk with them. Every time they asked if I was ok, I just ignore them. Once I read the book it taught me that I am doing things the wrong way. In order to get past my impossible problem I had to face it with my friends. Once I learned that I went places with them. Had the best hot tub parties and a great new years party. I made new and happy memories.

Reading is important. It’s not just a way to get us kids more educated but a way to escape from reality to learn about stuff that can help you in the future. Books are basically the opinions of other people that you don’t know. They write what they know and how to deal with a problem or situation, because in a way they have been through it, or they tell how they would react if this happened to them. They might be able to help you more than you know. Which isn’t a bad thing.


Writer’s Memo:

This is my reaction to the question “Why read?” I wrote it as a narrative because it’s how I feel about reading and why I read. I didn’t read anything but watched the video that you showed us. It said why we should read and I agree with some and don’t really think the others apply to me. Which is fine because everyone reads for different reasons. I really need to stop ranting about how I feel. If I want to do an informative or argument. I need to get the emotions under control and write about the facts. I would get my emotions under control and write a better argumentative piece or informative about the question “why read?” I think this piece is a good start as long as I take the emotions out. I can’t think of anything that you can help with. The only thing I can think of would be grammar.



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