Legacy, G.G.

What will I be known for? Thats a good question, but right now I haven’t a clue all I know is that I want to be known for something great. I don’t want to go about life everyday doing the same thing and falling into the same boring routine. Routines are not necessarily my thing unless it’s a routine that I don’t get stressed by when I wake up and think about it every morning. Something that you enjoy doing is much easier to develop a passion for. I not only want to live an interesting life, but I one day would like to be known for something I created whether it be my work, my designs, my ideas, or just me. When there are over 7 billion people in this world that are willing to work just as hard as you though, it makes for a pretty damn competitive workplace.

When I try to see myself in the future doing something successful, ideas like being a landscape designer or a construction manager come to mind. That’s something that if you work truly is good, then it won’t go unrecognized. Hard work is easily distinguishable in a world where people try and polish their turds into masterpieces quite often to save a quick buck. Quality, hard work is shown off to others when it’s done right and a name for yourself/work can start to be recognized. After multiple years of designing properties and landscapes that have a “wow-factor” to them while also being quality enough to endure the test of time, it seems as though most people in this kind of work either get their big break or get an awesome opportunity thrown their way. If I do end up choosing a career in this field, I would hope that someday after have proven to have quality work and business, the big break that everyone wants will be presented to me in some way. I really cannot see myself living the square life; waking up in a square bed, driving in my square car to my square office spending all my time and effort on a square computer and writing on my square paper. Not only do I love doing hands on work like building and fixing things, but it’s something that I actually find myself to be good at. Many times I’ve found myself in a situation where I did not believe that I could carry out my responsibilities, but one step at a time you get there and you something massive may not seem so big anymore.

Ideas for being know in this world may seem endless, but when you really get down to it there are only a certain number of things you can do to get somewhere in life. Social skills are a great thing to have in life, but what kind of fields could being social land you in? I think maybe broadcasting. I feel that I could have a shot at being on air for a news network or a sports network. But for every kid there is like me who thinks he has a shot, there is a million others who are more capable and talented than I am and have the same shot if not better at making it as me. Getting to the big leagues sure as shit isn’t easy.


Writer’s Memo:

I decided to revise this piece because thinking about my future makes the future a little less stressful in some ways. If you don’t think about it, what happens when it comes time to decide what in the hell you are gonna do with your life? It can be a very scary thought that you have to prepare for. Even before writing I truly hadn’t realistically sat down and thought about my options given my current situation in life. Little papers like this help you narrow down your thoughts of what you can do in life, and what you would enjoy. I just hope that one day I will be in the right place at the right time to catch my break.


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