I am Walking by D.P.

I am walking

Every step thinking

Picking one and putting one down

My feet pushing on the ground

My burdens on my shoulders

The feeling that they were giant boulders

My mind is screaming out

The feeling that I was being turned about

I watch the floor as I move forward

Blindy going somewhere

I always wanted to look up to see my future

But then again, what will I see

I suddenly, fear if i see a butcher

Stained with blood

So I  look down  and walk

Blind to my fate

I crashed in walls

Tripping and fall-

Stop, wake up

I’m laying on the floor trying to push up

To find it was all a dream

I took one step only to scream

From the pain of the sight

From my lack of my might

Who am I to stand alone in the dark

Like a dog with no bark

I decide to look up and see

But there’s nothing but me

My future has nothing but black and white color

No other

I’ve been walking this fine line

I’ve fallen on both sides from mistakes of mine

Now all I do is walk confused and curios

But now when I make mistakes Ii’m furious

Because in my head I know what is right and wrong

Suddenly everything stops, it’s the end the song

I am always thinking

While I am walking.


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