Come Slowly by R.C.

Come slowly, dear

watch your step and get over here.

Silly boy,

I can hear your heart and I smell you fear.

Come in to me,

I’ll show you your dream.

But don’t you ever think you’ll cross me again,

because next time I’ll show you the short end.



run away

maybe tomorrow but not today.

GIve me your cheek

so I can beat it like clay.

I know that you won’t bleed

because if you follow my lead

you’ll only turn red. In the face in the sky

your pretty sunset’s gunna be mine.

Ink’ll splatter on the horizon

but you’ll never see ‘cause I want you stupid eyes on.



look at me

The whole wide world will come down to my feet.

I know I’m short not tall

but I’ll be bigger than them all.

And when the storm I made has torn you down

I’ll hold you tight so you don’t drown.

And while your lungs

are choking I’ll use your tears to boil my enemies tongues.

Don’t get mad at me, I love you and I know what’s best so don’t you dare stand up

just stay down

Ill watch over you and I’ll watch my crown,

your precious

I hate you

but Ill keep you safe

don’t worry

but stress it

It’s your fault

but i’m sorry

and you really don’t deserve me

but i am the victim Ill and Ill always be

so don’t you ever question me .

Sail away you silly boy I can’t wait to watch you sink

but I love you

sail safe

I hope you make it back to your place

so I can erode you into dust for my champagne



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