Cali Bound, A.M.

My application process has been a surprisingly smooth ride. Picking the right college was the difficult part. Throughout my years in high school it became progressively clear that I wanted to go out of state. Growing up in Boulder has been a great experience but I would like to leave and try a new environment. Although I love my hometown, I would like to explore and have my say in where I live next. While deciding the general location of the college I wanted to go to I picked opposites from what I was used to. My first priority was being on a coast. Being stuck in a landlocked state always made me crave going to the ocean. Whenever I was there either in the water or hanging out in the sand, I was always far more happy than being cold up in a windy but pretty mountain top. For me a sunset on the beach looks better than one on a mountain. Since I narrowed down having an ocean I had to decide which state I wanted to go to school in. At first my top three places were Hawaii, California, and Florida. Hawaii seemed like a paradise place to go to school at first with the beautiful beaches and landscape. Eventually I realized I may be isolated out there and it would limit my opportunities outside of college in the states because I would make far less connections.

I now shifted my focus on California because I had been there the most and I really liked the ocean vibe and people where I had been. Deciding an exact location was hard because there were many great ones to choose from. I knew I wanted to go to southern California because that had the warmer weather and more beach lifestyle I was looking for. When picking a school size I immediately counted out any school smaller than Fairview because I wanted a much different experience than mine in High School. Instead of knowing who everyone was I would love to meet and see new faces everyday for four years. That part excited me and I was looking for a medium to large size school. I decided I wanted to go to a state school based on the out of state price and I found San Diego State to be my favorite out of all. It is a ten minute drive to the beach and the weather always stays mostly warm. When applying to this school I was able to finish in one night, the night before it was due and did not have to write an essay. It was a very smooth and quick process and when I got accepted I had a very big weight taken off my shoulders. I knew I got into the school before many other schools had their deadline and I never ended up applying to any other schools. I was planning on playing soccer for schools and I would be able to apply to them whenever and eventually I turned down schools, willing to take the risk of trying to walk on to a school I would be happiest at. This decision accidently gave me the silkiest college application process I could think of.


Writers Memo

  1. This is a narrative about how I chose a school and got into it
  2. I was inspired by the theme of the week and the question to explain the process
  3. I struggled starting but once I got into a groove I was able to write a lot quickly
  4. I do not think I need any help on this piece.

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