Baca Workshop by A.Z.

Dear Sami,

Something happened to me when I decided to love myself, who I am, and be able to accept my flaws. My entire life I hated the color of my hair so basic and boring, and that it wasn’t blonde and “beautiful” in others’ eyes. I despised that my eyes weren’t blue or unique and I didn’t have longer legs. I hated how “fat” or built my thighs and forearms were compared to other girls. I hated that I could keep up with the boys in anything athletic and the hairier arms I would get made fun of. I dreaded seeing that guys liked the other girls because of their appearance, and that I was appealing to them.

My mom walked in on me crying about my self image and numerous times growing up. It’s hard to talk about and accept even today when I have grown out of most of my insecurities. However, I’ve realized that it’s not how you appear that counts. You could have straight blonde hair with nice expensive clothing and be dumb as a doornail, fitting all the stereotypes I wanted to be as a kid. I love who I am today and everything about me. I love my how my legs are bigger around than others because they show how strong I am inside and out. I am proud that I am more built or smart than the girls I idolized to be. To be who you are and to have a strong, smart, unique personality is better reflected than your appearance.


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