At Fairview, A.N.

At Fairview High School, there are kids who complain about being bored in their cooking classes.  In other places not far from Boulder, food isn’t what kids are cooking during school hours.

Everyone I know is using drugs and alcohol because the have nothing better to do, but these same kids also have the most amount of resources.

It’s funny how teenagers are giving up all of their money for drugs.  In other places, they are giving up all of their drugs for money.

At FHS, there are more nice cars than scars, more polos than there are cholos, and you are more likely to crash in the slot then to get shot.

There are so many kids popping and selling bars that i’m worried they might be put behind them.

At Fairview, we worry about being shot inside the school.  In other places, leaving school is what they have to worry about.

At FHS, all we care about is getting a 3.5 when other kids are just trying to stay alive.

I don’t know what the ghetto is like, so these are all assumptions about life in a different place.

All the hate driven from violence and drugs isn’t something that you can just erase.

What I do know, is that it’s hard to judge something if you haven’t had a taste.


Writer’s memo:


    This piece was intended to be a narrative poem.  It is intended to give the reader a humorous yet also thoughtful way of seeing the way that us students live, and how it is different from other places in the U.S.  I was inspired to create this piece after reading a piece earlier in the week about school in Southern Chicago.  I thought the piece was cool because it brought a lot of really important ideas into the poem in a very creative way, with play on words and other strategies.  That poem inspired me to write something similar, but instead about life at Fairview High School and how it compares to other places.  I loved writing this draft, this has definitely been the most fun I have had all year writing a draft.  I feel this way because it forced me to be creative, and it also felt like I was writing lyrics which is something I enjoy too.  My largest struggle in this draft was coming up with interesting and clever things to say, so I spent a lot of time on this draft brainstorming.  




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