Animal Abuse By M.H.

Push, Kick, Shove, that’s what you constantly do

You hear the whimpers and cries

But nothing ever changes with you

I bark, you hit

I get up on the couch, you push me to the ground

You found me hiding under the bed

You grabbed my tail and pulled me out

I tried to bite and run,

But you always caught me

It’s been this way since I was a puppy

4 years later, I still hurt

Then the neighbors came over one day when you were gone

They found the spare key and broke in.

They saw me laying on the floor

Too broken and tired to move from all of the kicks to my body

They ran over and got on the floor with me

They pet me, that was the first time I had ever been pet in my life

I felt this love flood through me

The man picked me up into his arms and carried me away

While the women grabbed the bear I came home with years ago

They ran me out of there.

Later when you got home, the police were waiting for you

They took you away, I watched from the window

My new parents held me close and fed me till I was beyond full

They never stopped loving me

They took care of me like you never did

And because of them I’m safe today.

I’m a dog, I don’t deserve to ever be kicked or abused

Love your pets, and if you can’t then let someone else love them.


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