A Burning Passion, K.F.

I never understood the phrase “burning passion”

I was laidback

My life was easy going

I couldn’t grasp how everyone around me seemed to already be running after a goal

While I felt like I was leisurely strolling nowhereNew Post

Where did that motivation come from?

And where do I find some?

Was I destined to always be walking aimlessly

In this race called life

I wasn’t going after any finish line

I was worried

My life felt more hurried

But almost out of nowhere

I’d finally stumbled upon something

Only an idea and it was still very small,

But it gave the feeling I never knew

A flame

I had a goal

Something I wanted more than anything

The finish line isn’t even in view,

But I know what direction I need to run in

And I’ll run with all my might

Because I’m burning with passion and no one can stop me now


Writer’s Memo:

This poem just came to me out of the blue. It definitely is an issue in my life currently with college and is something I think about a lot. It has to do with finding out what I want to do with my life and my worries that I’d never find something I wanted to do. Luckily and recently I have found what I want to do and it makes me very excited to think about my future now because I have a goal. Overall the poem explains how I’d never felt a passion for anything and how I feel now that I have one.  


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