My Letter to the World/Universe/Multiverse by A. K.

I share a similar perspective to the mass of moody and intellectual teenagers who I have found myself associated myself with, however I disagree with the nature of our perspective and ask whomever is reading to consider my point of view. The perspective we share is that in the grand scheme of things, amidst the possibility of infinity we are nothing but unimportant unnoticeable specks. We can lessen the scope and still find ourselves invisible; In the world, our country, city, community or even our own homes, sadly enough, we can go unnoticed. The overall indifference and feeling of worthlessness that stems from this point of view is what I primarily disagree with. While you may be just another small cog in the gears of an unimaginably large and complex machine, seemingly insignificant, you should be not thinking of the machine that you are a part of and comparing yourself to it, but rather thinking of the gear in which you reside. Think of a gear as a community, or your friend group. You are a cog on this gear, a small part of something bigger. The gear is connected to other gears, other communities, which are connected to more gears, and those to others and so on. The amalgamation of these gears working together form the grand universal machine in which all people reside. Do not think of how you don’t necessarily matter to the world and instead think of how you matter to the people around you. Those in your gear. I do think that recognizing that we are indeed alone in the universe and nothing we do really matters in the grand scheme of everything is a valid observation, however I do not think that this mindset it is any way to live your life. I encourage you to try and make the lives of the people around you better, then maybe if you can do that well you can start moving outward and helping more people. Starting with the idea that you don’t matter because you can’t affect everyone is absurd, start small and grow outwards.


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